The One Where Megan Runs

When I was in high school, I related nearly every life experience to a Friends episode.  Nine-ish years later, I’m still doing it.

See, due to my lack of self-motivation, I have joined a walk to run training program at Luke’s Locker.  Because I absolutely need accountability, the 9 to 5 program was made for me!  The 9 to 5 is much like the various couch to 5k programs, but this program leaves me with someone to answer to once a week.  And if I don’t train on my own, I’ll be the last one to the finish line come Saturday mornings {no bueno}.

Our first group run experience was last Saturday and I swear I felt like Phoebe Buffay throughout the entire 14 minute run {realistically, 7 minutes is all I could manage}.  Remember that episode?!


Similar to “dance like no one’s watching”, my dad left me a message on Facebook: “run like no one’s watching.”  How do dad’s seem to know exactly what type of motivation you need?  This has become my new mantra since this project is really making me leave my comfort zone in more ways than one: running {because I suck at it}, committing to an exercise routine {because I suck at this too}, and making friends along the way {you guessed it, I suck at this big time}.  I’m learning to let go and not worry about what other people are thinking because guess what…they probably don’t care!

After this experience is done {Turkey Trot 2011!}, I just might have to buy this print and continue to remind myself…

The Love Shop


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