Lucy Eleanor

Prior to Christmas 2009, I had never had a real* pet.  Prior to 2009, I could not comprehend the love someone could have for an animal.  For a year or so, I knew I wanted a dog but, without a doubt, knew I was not prepared to be responsible for another life.  All of this changed that Christmas Eve.

After visiting Lee’s family Christmas Eve, I packed a bag and headed to my parents.  I was 25 years old and still insisted on waking up at their house Christmas morning.  When I arrived, they had company and everyone was having a great time enjoying the holiday.  It officially felt like Christmas and I was ready to join the party!  I was greeted warmly and was told that there was a surprise waiting for me but I had to sit in the living room with my eyes closed.  When I was allowed to finally open my eyes, I saw the most precious three pound creature.  Her sad eyes just stared while she whimpered.  This four week old dachshund was officially the best Christmas gift ever.  All it took was one look and I was instantly in love.

Lucy, four weeks old

in love

I may be biased but she is, hands down, the prettiest dachshund I’ve ever seen.  Lee and I spend time staring at her.  STARING AT A DOG!  We gush over her and give her more than enough attention {I cannot even imagine how sappy we will be when it comes time for an actual baby of our own}.  Just look at this face…

Lucy, February 2010

Nearly two years later and we’re still smitten.  She has the sweetest spirit and loves to be loved!   With Lucy’s second birthday around the corner and I can’t wait to celebrate my girl 🙂

Lucy Goosey, October 2011

*The closest thing to a pet were a few carnival goldfish and two kittens (at two separate times) that both ran away within a few weeks. Lame.


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