Playing Catch Up

This weekend has proved that blogging is a} hard to do over the weekend and b} not something I want to do over the weekend.  So that brings me to today – catch up on photo-a-day Monday!

Saturday the 21st, I just did not feel like taking a photo of myself and blasting it on the internet.  The morning was spent grocery shopping and prepping for dinner and once I finally decided to slap some makeup on my face, James and Ashley were knocking on the door begging for fried shrimp! {I kid…but they were just around the corner I’m sure}  We had a fantastic evening full of fried goodness, boxed wine {no judging} and Maker’s Mark.  Fun was had all around!

After our oh so fun Saturday evening, I had a not so fun Sunday morning that got a slow start.  Once I mustered up the energy to drag myself out of bed and get dressed for the day, I finally took photos for 21 and 22.  Nothing fancy, just enough to get the job done.

21, reflection

22, your shoes

Lee and I spent the day shopping for furniture and accessories for the house but didn’t walk away with anything but a few boring household items.   We’re in the market for new living room furniture and picking sofas is proving to be very difficult.  Or maybe I’m too picky.  Yes, most definitely the latter.  Between my requirements and Lee’s separate set of requirements, I feel like we will not find anything anytime soon.  Baby steps.  The two pictures below are from Star Furniture; numero uno looks very similar to what we currently have {and also what I’m trying to get away from} while number two is three dollar signs on the $-$$$$ scale.  Sad face.



Obviously my old, overly dropped iPhone does not do either of these sofas any justice.  They really are much more appealing in person.  At the end of the day {literally not figuratively :)}, we’re still on the hunt for seating for the many guests we plan on having.  Hope you guys don’t mind bringing your own chairs!

Which brings us to Monday morning.  I’m still adjusting my morning routine to accommodate the hellish traffic in the morning.  I love my house, but goodness I would give my big toe just to not have to drive an hour into work.  For a Monday, I suppose it wasn’t too bad.  And to make my evening commute a little sweeter, I had a surprise phone call from one of my dearest friends.  It was just what I needed to finish off the work day.

Growing up, my dad had a Swiss Army watch that I loved.  He promised me one of my own for graduation and as usual, he pulled through.  I wore that watch for years, before he gave me one of his that he was retiring {code word for dad getting a fancier watch}.  Last spring, he upgraded yet again and passed on his second Swiss Army to me.  I wear one of these watches almost every day.

23, something old

Dinner is in the oven and boxed wine is calling my name!  I really am proud of myself for sticking with this for an entire week!


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