hanging in there

Hanging in there.  Story of my life these days.  Why do I always feel as though there is never enough time?  Tonight I have a long over due haircut appointment with my sister, Friday we’re having friends over for dinner so that leaves tomorrow evening to clean and shop for Friday.  Perhaps I’m not managing my time wisely? Perhaps.

On with the photo{s} of the day{s}…

Nothing is better than a cold coke straight out of a cold refridgerator poured over ice in a plastic cup.  Before I know it, my cup is empty.

24, guilty pleasure

While browsing Pinterest and looking for brunch ideas, I found a recipe for Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.  I love red velvet and anything that is miniature immediately demands my attention.  Not to mention the pies in her picture are heart shaped!  Heart shaped red velvet?  Sold!  My first attempt at these pretty little things was not too bad.  The cookies were the perfect texture and help up quite nicely when the sandwiches were made.  My only issue is with the cream cheese frosting; this recipe was a tad too cheesy for my liking.  Enter Ashley.  After a quick email this morning soliciting her help, I had a new recipe in no time!  I can’t wait to have the finished product in a few weeks 🙂

25, something you made


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