four more

I’ve done pretty well with the January photo-a-day challenge and I’m really looking forward to February’s {even though I’m just now posting the last four days worth of photos}.


Lee and I took in an early movie and saw Contraband.  Can you really go wrong with a few hours of Mark Wahlberg?  Afterward, we headed to his 5 year old cousin’s birthday party.  This kid has so many toys and he loves to save money so I thought it would be best {for his parents’ sanity} to give him some cash.  Since he’s so young, he doesn’t quite understand that one $20 bill is worth more than five $1’s so Lee was sent on a mission to get some singles.  Needless to say, he received strange looks.  The day flew by and before I knew it the sun was already setting and I was getting ready to miss out on daylight.  I took this picture on our way home.  As everyone says, Instagram makes just about anything look good.

28: light

Sunday rolled around and regardless of getting a late start, we had a productive day catching up on random chores that we’ve been putting off.  My evening was finished off with family time at my parents’ watching the SAG awards.
No judging based on my fridge picture please.  We like to drink: soda, beer, champagne, boxed wine.  We like to eat: out {but I really do try to cook often!}.

29: inside your fridge

The past two days have been a blur.  Work has been NUTS and I’m currently dealing with one issue that has been going on since Friday evening at 5pm {yes, Friday evening at 5pm…no one wants to deal with issues at that time}.  After a crazy Monday, I was so happy that we had dinner plans with the Shuler’s.

The 30th’s “nature” photo is not too nature-y but there sure is a cute picture of Lucy.  I love that girl.

30: nature {and a goose}

And this?  This.  This is what I looked like when I got home this evening.  After a 90 minute commute to work, work issues all day, and a 45 minute drive home, this is me.  Rough.  And goofy.  My makeup is nonexistent because apparently I don’t know how to not touch my face when I stress.

31: you, again

I’m off to the Woodlands tomorrow morning.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t take two hours to get there!


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