Keepin’ On

Welp, life seems to have gotten in the way of my little ol’ blog.  {note: I need to make this a priority for me}

Until I find time to post all of my photos from the Photo-a-Day Challenge {an entire month and a half of pictures!}, I’m going to link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk and list my “High Five” for the week.

1.  Of course Lucy is at the top of my favorite things this week.  She’s just so darn pretty.  Poor thing is at the vet today getting her teeth cleaned {because I’m a negligent mother :(}.  Praying she comes through strong and doesn’t have any horrible side effects from the anesthesia!

sleepy girl

2.  Beautiful skies in Southeast Texas after we had after a rainy, dreary weekend.

beautiful sky

3.  My bonus Birchbox that came a few weeks ago…I finally got around to trying some of the Vichyproducts and I think I’ve found myself a new daily moisturizer.  This doesn’t go on heavy and doesn’t leave me feeling sticky and greasy all day.

Vichy via Birchbox

4.  Manicure dates with mom!  All of the fun, Spring colors floating around the internet left me longing for a fresh manicure.  I don’t love long nails on myself so I’ve always just gotten regular old manicures but among the blogosphere, I’ve seen girls with a thin layer of acrylic over their natural nail.  I thought this would be ideal for me so I don’t have to worry about polish chipping, nails peeling, etcetera.  So far I’m enjoying the look.

OPI, My Chihuahua Bites

5.  Stella & Dot.  I attended Ashley’s Trunk Show last week and I’m almost positive I’m hooked.  My loot was delivered this week and I’m so in love with all of it!  My very own Trunk Show is scheduled for April so I’m busy making my wishlist nice and full 🙂

Stella & Dot goodies

Here’s to a fantastic weekend full of fun and plenty of rest!


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