High Five for Friday

Some weeks, the evenings just fly by and this was one of those weeks.  Looking through my phone’s camera roll, I came across six fun photos from this week.  So…High Five Six for Friday? 🙂

1.  Over the weekend, I found that Gap was having a major sale {additional 40% off sale items!} so I stocked up on a few summer t-shirts.  These t’s are perfectly soft, cozy, and cute enough to leave the house in.  And for about $7 a pop, you can’t beat it!

of course, Lucy is never too far away

2.  Wedding prep has definitely begun!  I ordered matches and napkins from For Your Party and the package was delivered this week.  So excited to get some of these wedding crafts going!

kinda looks like a sweat shop

3.  I tried out the accent nail trend…still debating on whether I like it or not.  I do love the summery pink though!

Essie’s Secret Story and A Cut Above

4.  Quality time with my girl will probably always make it into my ‘high five.’

I know, we’re weird

5.  My aunt invited my sister and I {and all of the girls} to dinner one night and we walked away with this gem.

Peanut, Annie, Francine, Lucy

6. After a storm blew through town yesterday, we were graced with a clear view of a rainbow.

rainbow on the horizon


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