July Birchbox

This month, Birchbox teamed up with Glamour to bring us a group of samples that has had everyone in the blogosphere chatting.  Like everyone else, I was so eager to finally get a chance to rip into mine!

fun stuff just in time for my birthday!

What else did I have to do on a gloomy Monday evening? {laundry…dishes…cleaning}  Whatev.  Based on my brief trial of the products, I really enjoy everything in the box.  Laura Geller’s Caribbean Kiss is a perfect shimmery peach that I’ll probably wear for evenings out {since I typically do not wear much color on my lips during the day} and will also take me into fall.  A major plus: it feels amazing!

I’ve never heard of Manna Kadar but I’m always willing to try products that make me a little shimmery.  Everyone knows I love to be able to see my skin through my makeup and it has to have a healthy glow so this seems to be right up my alley.  I rubbed this shimmer lotion on the apples of my cheeks and I must say the color is very similar to my favorite blush by Nars.  I’m excited to mix this lotion with a tinted moisturizer {as the package suggests} and get a better idea at how it feels on my skin.

I don’t think I’ve ever used a face mask but I completely expected to have that tight, dry feeling after using the AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask tonight.  Nothing like that at all!  As Birchbox explains, “jojoba oil keeps skin hydrated and supple” and my skin really does feel the complete opposite of what I thought it would.  I’ve had some skin breakouts lately and I just read that you can use this as a spot treatment at night.  Yet another bonus from Birchbox.

My perfume vial was empty but my Birchbox smelled good!  I am on the hunt for a new perfume but I don’t think I would purchase Mr. de la Renta’s live in love, it’s a tad to florally for me to wear all day.  I haven’t tried the earbuds but they are such a fun color!

As usual, just when I think that I don’t need my Birchbox subscription, they reel me back in!  These hot pink boxes are so fun to open each month!  You should try it out 🙂


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