Birthday Wishlist

A true sign of age and maturity?  It’s a week before my birthday and I hadn’t even thought about what to put on my wishlist.  So, in order to maintain my youth {28 sounds old}, I threw this short list together.  How else will Lee know what I want?

Warby Parker Everett | Kris Nations Texas pendant | Coco Mademoiselle print

1: These Warby Parker sunglasses have been floating around the blogosphere lately and I think I need them.  That is all.

2:  I’ve had my eye on this Texas pendant for a while but I cannot remember where I first saw it.  It’s kind of silly but I’m pretty sure I love it.

3:  Coco Mademoiselle has been a favorite perfume of mine since high school {at least 10 years (!!!)} and this print would look perfect in my very bare home office.

NYC print | Keurig | J.Crew bracelet | Houston art

4:  This Rifle print has been on my Pinterest board for ages but the print wasn’t for sale until recently.  New York City will always have a special place in my heart and this print just makes me happy.

5:  It seems that just about every household owns a Keurig coffee maker except mine.  I recently started drinking coffee and this would be perfect before work in the mornings.

6:  I’ve had my eye on this bracelet since Christmas time but I would feel incredibly guilty spending over $100 for a piece of costume jewelry.  Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

7:  I love Houston.  Again, there are some pretty bare walls throughout our house and this would fit in just fine.

Flowerbomb | Dachshund notecards | Frye boots

8:  Once I find something I love, I tend to stick with it and become a tad boring.  Perfume is no exception.  I still love Chanel and Chloe but Flowerbomb smells pretty darn amazing.  This might be my special occasion perfume in the near future 🙂

9:  Why don’t I need these notecards?

10:  The very first blog I read years ago was written by this young, independent woman living in New York.  At the time, she encompassed a lot of what I thought I wanted to be.  And she had Frye boots.  Ever since then, a pair of boots has been a constant on my wishlists and the Jackie Button boots are perfect.

Here’s to my 28th birthday and everything that this year has in store for me!  Champagne for everyone!


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