Birthday in Photos

This weekend has gone by so fast and I have been completely showered with love from family and friends.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way celebrate my 28th birthday.

I decided to snap photos throughout the day in hopes to better remember what it all felt like.

The day started out with waking up to text and Facebook messages full of birthday wishes but Dad decided to throw in a special photo.


Mom picked me up mid-morning and we were off to run errands and get a much needed manicure and pedicure.  We decided to take advantage of my day off of work and run a quick wedding errand to pick up fabric that I’ve been hunting for.  Everything is coming together and I really hope my vision for the entire party is adequately portrayed.

cute little salon | Essie’s My Private Cabana | fabric hunting

A ladylike lunch at La Madeleine was the perfect treat but I demolished my salad {in a very unladylike fashion} before I could snap a photo…so a map of France {?} will have to do.  And what’s a day off without a trip to Target?  I thought this wine was quite fitting for my birthday celebration {if you look closely, the label says Vintage 2011…HA!}.

La Madeleine | meca | Fancy Pants

Mom dropped me back off at my house to rest before my fiesta later in the evening and I found that Lee picked up some beautiful roses and spread them throughout the house.  So sweet, that guy!  And very silly.

sweet | silly

Mom and Dad went all out for dinner!  I requested tacos {the little hispanic girl that I am needed to revisit her childhood favorite} and yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  Nothing beats a homemade birthday cake!  …especially when washed down with Fancy Pants, duh.

favorite cake and a glass of wine

Dad absolutely needed to take a photos of the whole group with his iPad {when he had a perfectly decent DSLR sitting right next to him ;)} and we had to capture this silly moment.  The guy cracks us up!

Once we were stuffed and couldn’t breathe, everyone retreated to the living room to stretch out some and catch part of the Summer Olympics 2012 opening ceremonies.  In true Megan fashion, I couldn’t make it past 10p and called it a night.

I can’t thank my family and the Nidever’s enough joining in on my birthday celebration!  When these two families are in the same room, you’re sure to have lots of laughs and love.

28 looks to be a big year for me and I can’t wait to see what it holds!


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