And just like that…

…almost a month has gone by since I last documented my thoughts.  And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but today’s hiatus interruption is nothing to jump for joy over: lip balm.

We all know Target is a money sucking, evil place masked in smart marketing ploys.  Let’s face it, I LOVE IT.  And when Mom  asks, “do you want to go to Target and spend money?” you can’t exactly say no to that.  Wouldn’t you know that one of the few times I’m ready to buy junk, I find nothing.

I marched to the register with my one Essie nail polish and figure “hey, you’ve done good…throw something else on that conveyor belt!”  So I added a pack of gum.  Gum.  I’m getting old if gum is my good behavior gift.

Then I saw it, a pretty little pink bulb of a lip balm.  I’ve seen Eos lip balm around but haven’t heard too much about it so never thought to try it.  So on a whim {and because I just had to buy somethingomg!}, I bought it.

Holy Grail of lip balm?

Like a good little bride-to-be, I went through my nightly routine: wash face, Clarisonic face, remove mascara in order to apply Mary Kay Lash & Brow Building Serum {Ashley is a Mary Kay consultant and gifted this little gem to me}, brushed my teeth, etc, etc and finally got to the last step of moisturizing my lips with my new toy {let’s face it, make up and beauty products are every girls toy}.  

I typically don’t like flavored lip products but this Strawberry Sorbet is pretty darn nice.  The flavor is mild but the balm is oh so moisturizing.  This morning, I still had some on!  That’s a plus in my book!

Because I’m sort of a lot goofy, I whipped this silly stuff out after lunch to show my co-workers.  Yes, the shape gets funny looks and yes, I look ridiculous when I’m applying it but around 3:30p I realized that I still had some on!  I might have found an awesome new lip balm.  It’s just creamy enough that it moisturizes but you don’t even realize it’s there.  Just enough flavor but not so much that you eat at your lips all day {you do it too!}  For about $3, I should have tried this much sooner!


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