High Five For Friday

High Five For Saturday maybe?  

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve joined Lauren at From My Grey Desk and I really did miss it!  But just because I didn’t post does not mean I wasn’t thinking about what made me happy all those weeks.  With the everyday hustle and bustle, this really is a great way to get you to slow down and really dwell on the positives from your week.

Let’s get to it!


1.  Sunday through Tuesday was spent at Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and it was just what the doctor ordered.  I’ve heard wonderful things about this resort and it certainly did live up to its reputation!  The lazy river is the perfect way to let go and de-stress.

2.  On the way home, Belle and I had to stop at the famous Mi Tierra in San Antonio.  The lights and decorations remind me of our childhood weekend trips to San Antonio so this was the perfect way to end our mini family vacation.  Did you really need all of those homemade flour tortillas, Megan? Yes.  Yes I did.

3.  #weddingshit is taking over!  This week our cocktail napkins and I love them!  For Your Party has done a great job with the few orders I have placed with them and I cannot wait to put everything into action in just 12 short weeks!

4.  Wednesday evening was spent with girlfriends at the delicious Chuy’s.  We used to office just down the street from the original Houston location so it was nice to get back to our old stomping grounds.  I’m sure this photo does not look very appetizing, but that drink was delicious!

5.  Who else could make my week like Miss Lucy?  My heart bursts just thinking about this pup!  Don’t you just love the way she tucks her bum in when she’s sleepy?  ❤


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