Accessorize Me

If I could have a Super Power today, I would want to be able to quickly take a look at an item and immediately know how to accessorize it {or accessorize with it} and voila! a blogworthy outfit would be made.  I do not have this knack.  Instead, I have a knack for flipping through catalogs and staying within my comfort zone.  My eyes are perpetually drawn to tried and true items that seem to be classic instead of those trendier items {J.Crew bubble necklace, I’m lookin’ at you}.

Since I don’t seem to think outside the box enough, I leave that up to the pros.  Today I came across a Stella & Dot necklace that I have not noticed before.  Victoria at vmac+cheese recently featured the Wesley Pendant on her blog and I knew I needed it.  Since all of my necklaces are the long chain type, this pendant is the perfect next step.  A little bling, if you will.

S&D Wesley Pendant

Lucky for me {and you!} Stella & Dot is running a promotion right now: for every $50 you spend, you receive a $25 credit to spend in January.  Just in time for the new pieces to make their debut!  I just attended a trunk show Sunday so this necklace is at the top of my list to use my credits on in January.  Perfect excuse to shop!


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