Weekend Recap

Hello there!

On Sunday evenings, I’m always so sad to see the weekend fly by so quickly so I thought it best to document them and remember how fun they are {even when they aren’t}.

Lee and I had a date night in Friday evening complete with homemade pizza and wine.  We made the pizza together, took some silly photos, and actually ate at the kitchen table instead of on the couch watching television {horrible habit of ours}.  The pizza turned out less than ideal since I didn’t realize the fresh mozzarella needed to be dried out.  Kinda bummed, but the toppings were delicious!  We enjoyed a bread-free dinner and each other’s company.

friday night

Living in a planned community means there are constantly new houses being built.  Unfortunately for us, this also means debris which could lead to flat tires.  Enter: the Leonhardts.  Saturday morning, we started the day at the Subaru dealership to buy a new tire then headed to the Shulers for James’s famous BBQ.  We had springlike weather and enjoyed much of the day outside whilst Cullen entertained us on his Power Wheels.  I wish I snapped a photo!  Such a cutie!

I snuck out of the house Sunday morning to meet Belle at Target and found the tiniest little shoes.  Little human clothes are adorable.


We spent the day organizing, cleaning, and styling the house in preparation for next Saturday’s brunch.  It’s so funny to see our house become a home in the year that we’ve been here.  It finally looks like people live there instead of random furniture strewn about.

Of course, we had to end the day with the Super Bowl {Beyonce put on a fantastic show, btw!} and a tiny bit of the Puppy Bowl.  Lucy had no idea what was going on, but she did not like it one bit.  We only watched about three minutes of the Puppy Bowl and she barked the entire time.  So funny!

puppy bowl

And since football doesn’t quite hold my attention for an entire three hours, I had a chance to finish up my Instagram/PostalPix scrapbook.  I love how it turned out and can’t wait to start documenting February’s photos.  This project is so easy and on the inexpensive side of things.  It’s fun to think about where these tangible photos will be years from now and who will look at them!  I hope future generations enjoy!



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