five on friday

i haven’t posted a single picture to my beloved instagram this year, but here i am with blog post number 2. let’s hope i can keep up with it this time!

1 the week started off with a fun surprise! lee and i had been talking about buying a new macbook for me as mine was almost 5 years old and running pretty slow. he ordered it monday and i was able to pick it up in the store within an hour! luckily, the dallas cousins were in town so i had a distraction monday night…migrating from old to new took 8+ hours! a lesson in patience also comes with a shiny new macbook pro.

photo 1

2 the ever-entertaining dallas cousins came to town to celebrate the new year! these ladies are always so fun and so, so funny! we met for breakfast at barnaby’s for their famous green eggs, fluffy pancakes, and homemade biscuits but as you can see, the coffee was my main focus 🙂


3 coming across this picture at my parents house made me grin. we were so carefree! and i’m happy to say that as much as we enjoyed each other 25 years ago, we still do today ❤


4 after sleeping through midnight new year’s eve, lee and i met the rest of the family at the movie theater to see the secret life of walter mitty. i was intrigued by the trailer and though it wasn’t at the top of my list, i enjoyed it so much. ben stiller and kristen wiig were incredibly charming and seeing adam scott in such a slimy role was quite funny.

5 for christmas, jen gifted me this adorable dachshund charm from james avery. i wore it for the first time this week and it makes me smile. crazy dog lady right here.



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