five on friday

the days fly by, y’all! this week was a complete blur, but i didn’t get out without a few favorites.

{1} saturday, i helped with an absolutely gorgeous wedding. resha and the florists did a lovely job of transforming a local restaurant into a romantic garden. take a look at this wine cellar ceremony space. have you seen a prettier chuppah?!

Tony's Wine cellar

tony’s wine cellar

{2} sunday was spent at home {and sleeping until 11a…wedding hangovers are real and sans alcohol!} and catching up on some work. lucy is usually pretty content with whoever is cuddled in a blanket, but for some reason she decided to join me in my office. not even five minutes later, she decided this wasn’t her scene and took off. such a simple life.

me and my girl

me and my girl

{3} we found out that something to celebrate received the knot’s ‘best of weddings 2014’ award again. this is the 4th time for our houston office {every year since we started in houston – w00t!} and the 7th time for our austin office. it just so happened that our houston team hadn’t seen each other in a while so we met up for a couple glasses of wine. the vine wine room is always so hospitable to our group of coordinators and of course, not a single photo was taken.

{4} last week, a friend posted a link on my facebook wall and said i needed it. of course, it was more dachshund paraphernalia and of course, i did indeed need it. bymmc is a fellow dachshund lover who has created some adorable items. her dachshunds in disguises calendar makes the perfect addition to my desk.

dachshunds in disguise

dachshunds in disguise

{5} i’ve always been a lover of handwriting so when i learned that melissa esplin had an online calligraphy class, it was quickly added to my list of to-do’s. somehow, i roped belle into it and last night was our first attempt. we learned about all of the tools we blindly purchased and played with pointed pen and ink for just a bit. we’re scheduled to meet again sunday and really jump in! we’re kinda nerdy about the whole experience ūüôā

calligraphy supplies

calligraphy supplies

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something to celebrate

a year ago, i knew that with wedding planning done and the hectic holiday season over, i was going to have some time to fill. lee traveled most of 2012, so i learned to fill my time and keep myself busy; come 2013, i was left looking for something. something slightly creative {i say slightly because i don’t consider myself very creative…more like see-something-on-pinterest-and-recreate-it} but i wasn’t sure what. i thought about getting crafty…maybe open an etsy shop? but wasn’t sure what i would make and if anyone would even care. back to square one.

Courtyard on St. James

Courtyard on St. James

so the first few weeks of the year trickled on. i started a simple scrapbook to print and store¬†instagram¬†photos {spoiler alert, that only lasted through the month of january}, and planned two parties: a baby shower for work and our annual valentine’s brunch. nothing too terribly creative or time consuming. just enough to keep me busy.

sometime in february, i remembered one of my last meetings with lauren, our wedding coordinator. i picked her brain a little about her job, how she got there, did she like it, how busy was she…basically played twenty questions while she was probably thinking “shut it. we have a wedding itinerary to map out and you’re wasting my time.” {hi, lauren! love you!} she mentioned that something to celebrate has a year long internship and at the end of the year, you have the possibility of being hired on. i thought about it for a few days, day dreamed of life in the wedding world, stopped day dreaming because i have zero wedding experience so this whole idea is crazy, talked to lee, talked to dear old mom and dad, and finally emailed lauren. what did i have to lose?

The Houstonian

The Houstonian

lauren forwarded my info to the lead coordinator in houston and after a few email exchanges, i was auditioning for the role of intern. i arrived about 45 minutes early for that first wedding and sat in the parking garage while time slowly passed. i knew i would have a good time, but part of me was also worried because i had no idea what went on behind the scenes. the evening flew by and i knew this was something that i was going to do. and i was going to work hard. and i was going to be good at it.

Amber Springs

Amber Springs

the following weekend was stc’s annual retreat where i had a chance to meet the austin team. what a fantastic weekend! i learned so much about what something to celebrate does and learned the passion you have to have in order to work in this industry. meeting a group of new friends was icing on the cake. think summer camp with girlfriends…add wine, transplant yourself to winter in the texas hill country in an adorable cottage, and throw in some headshots with a fun photographer. hundreds of times better, right?

Gremillion & Co.

Gremillion & Co.

driving home from the cottage, i knew that i would enjoy this new adventure, but would lee? he was still traveling during the week so our only time to see each other was over the weekend. weekend = weddings. could we do this? married not even 3 months and now seeing each other for only a few hours per week? we had many conversations. are you sure you’re okay with this? are we going to be okay? the answer was always yes. i don’t think lee had a single selfish thought. he knew this was something i wanted to do for myself and hopefully our future family. we both knew there were sacrifices to make and this was the first step.

Gremillion & Co.

Gremillion & Co.

over the last year, i have fallen in love with the wedding industry. i’ve learned so much and found that this is something i truly enjoy. giving up a few saturdays has not always been easy {and wedding hangovers are no joke!} but it’s been such a fulfilling experience. my friends and family have been extremely patient through all of this and i’m ready to be social again! my internship is over at the end of february and i can’t wait to continue learning the industry, dreaming of the future, and executing these events that bring two lives together!

five on friday

i haven’t posted a single picture to my beloved instagram this year, but here i am with blog post number 2. let’s hope i can keep up with it this time!

1 the week started off with a fun surprise! lee and i had been talking about buying a new macbook for me as mine was almost 5 years old and running pretty slow. he ordered it monday and i was able to pick it up in the store within an hour! luckily, the dallas cousins were in town so i had a distraction monday night…migrating from old to new took 8+ hours! a lesson in patience also comes with a shiny new macbook pro.

photo 1

2 the ever-entertaining dallas cousins came to town to celebrate the new year! these ladies are always so fun and so, so¬†funny!¬†we met for breakfast at barnaby’s for their famous green eggs, fluffy pancakes, and homemade biscuits but as you can see, the coffee was my main focus ūüôā


3 coming across this picture at my parents house made me grin. we were so carefree! and i’m happy to say that as much as we enjoyed each other 25 years ago, we still do today ‚̧


4 after sleeping through midnight new year’s eve, lee and i met the rest of the family at the movie theater to see the secret life of walter mitty. i was intrigued by the trailer and though it wasn’t at the top of my list, i enjoyed it so much. ben stiller and kristen wiig were incredibly charming and seeing adam scott in such a slimy role was quite funny.

5 for christmas, jen gifted me this adorable dachshund charm from james avery. i wore it for the first time this week and it makes me smile. crazy dog lady right here.


Weekend Recap

I really need to manage my time better since it’s now Tuesday and I’m just now getting around to recapping the weekend.

This weekend was our big Valentine’s Brunch and I think it was a huge success! ¬†We had just under 30 people at the house and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. ¬†The downside to hosting? ¬†I don’t get a chance to catch up with all of my friends! ¬†But it is nice to see a few of these faces a few times a year and I’m glad our brunch is one of those¬†occasions :).

Friday was full of prepping for Saturday but I did manage to squeeze in a manicure and quality time with Jessica. ¬†Their new pup is absolutely delicious and I couldn’t get enough of her little kisses!

darlaLunch with Lee followed at a new favorite, Guru in Sugar Land. ¬†The food is always fresh and why wouldn’t I love a place with such a cute atmosphere? ¬†And your drink is served in a mason jar. ¬†Love.

meganThe rest of the evening flew by as we prepped for an early Saturday morning and of course, not a single photo was taken. ¬†So disappointed! ¬†I whipped up some of my favorite brunch recipes, served fruit with Nutella (because you can’t have fruit without it), and had an adorable selection of Jolie Delights cookies. ¬†Ambre creates these delicious cookies right here in Fort Bend County and they¬†are¬†always¬†a hit! ¬†I’m already planning the next party just so I can place another order.

Sunday greeted us with a perfectly gloomy day that was made for cuddling on the couch. ¬†Hosting really takes it’s toll on Lucy; she probably slept for a good 20 hours afterward!

lucyWe finished the evening off with a modified version of Better Than Takeout Chicken Fried Rice¬†and the Grammy’s. ¬†I love award season and this show did not disappoint. ¬†Favorite moment? ¬†Mumford and Sons performances and Album of the Year win. ¬†I could listen to these guys for days. ¬†(runner up to my favorite moment? ¬†JT, duh)

Weekend Recap

Hello there!

On Sunday evenings, I’m always so sad to see the weekend fly by so quickly so I thought it best to document them and remember how fun they are {even when they aren’t}.

Lee and I had a date night¬†in¬†Friday evening complete with homemade pizza and wine. ¬†We made the pizza together, took some silly photos, and actually ate at the kitchen table instead of on the couch watching television {horrible habit of ours}. ¬†The pizza turned out less than ideal since I didn’t realize the fresh mozzarella needed to be dried out. ¬†Kinda bummed, but the toppings were delicious! ¬†We enjoyed a bread-free dinner and each other’s company.

friday night

Living in a planned community means there are constantly new houses being built. ¬†Unfortunately for us, this also means debris which could lead to flat tires. ¬†Enter: the Leonhardts. ¬†Saturday morning, we started the day at the Subaru dealership to buy a new tire then headed to the Shulers for James’s famous BBQ. ¬†We had springlike weather and enjoyed much of the day outside whilst Cullen entertained us on his Power Wheels. ¬†I wish I snapped a photo! ¬†Such a cutie!

I snuck out of the house Sunday morning to meet Belle at Target and found the tiniest little shoes.  Little human clothes are adorable.


We spent the day organizing, cleaning, and styling the house in preparation for next Saturday’s brunch. ¬†It’s so funny to see our house become a home in the year that we’ve been here. ¬†It finally looks like people live there instead of random furniture strewn about.

Of course, we had to end the day with the Super Bowl {Beyonce put on a fantastic show, btw!} and a tiny bit of the Puppy Bowl.  Lucy had no idea what was going on, but she did not like it one bit.  We only watched about three minutes of the Puppy Bowl and she barked the entire time.  So funny!

puppy bowl

And since football doesn’t quite hold my attention for an entire three hours, I had a chance to finish up my Instagram/PostalPix scrapbook. ¬†I love how it turned out and can’t wait to start documenting February’s photos. ¬†This project is so easy and on the inexpensive side of things. ¬†It’s fun to think about where these tangible photos will be years from now and who will look at them! ¬†I hope future generations enjoy!


Accessorize Me

If I could have a Super Power today, I would want to be able to quickly take a look at an item and immediately know how to accessorize it {or accessorize¬†with it} and¬†voila!¬†a blogworthy outfit would be made. ¬†I do not have this knack. ¬†Instead,¬†I have a knack for flipping through catalogs and staying within my comfort zone. ¬†My eyes are perpetually drawn to¬†tried¬†and true items that seem to be classic instead of those trendier items {J.Crew bubble necklace, I’m lookin’ at you}.

Since I don’t seem to think outside the box enough, I leave that up to the pros. ¬†Today I came across a Stella & Dot necklace that I have not noticed before. ¬†Victoria at vmac+cheese¬†recently featured the Wesley Pendant on her blog and I knew I needed it. ¬†Since all of my necklaces are the long chain type, this pendant is the perfect next step. ¬†A little bling, if you will.

S&D Wesley Pendant

Lucky for me {and you!} Stella & Dot is running a promotion right now: for every $50 you spend, you receive a $25 credit to spend in January.  Just in time for the new pieces to make their debut!  I just attended a trunk show Sunday so this necklace is at the top of my list to use my credits on in January.  Perfect excuse to shop!