High Five For Friday

High Five For Saturday maybe?  

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve joined Lauren at From My Grey Desk and I really did miss it!  But just because I didn’t post does not mean I wasn’t thinking about what made me happy all those weeks.  With the everyday hustle and bustle, this really is a great way to get you to slow down and really dwell on the positives from your week.

Let’s get to it!


1.  Sunday through Tuesday was spent at Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and it was just what the doctor ordered.  I’ve heard wonderful things about this resort and it certainly did live up to its reputation!  The lazy river is the perfect way to let go and de-stress.

2.  On the way home, Belle and I had to stop at the famous Mi Tierra in San Antonio.  The lights and decorations remind me of our childhood weekend trips to San Antonio so this was the perfect way to end our mini family vacation.  Did you really need all of those homemade flour tortillas, Megan? Yes.  Yes I did.

3.  #weddingshit is taking over!  This week our cocktail napkins and I love them!  For Your Party has done a great job with the few orders I have placed with them and I cannot wait to put everything into action in just 12 short weeks!

4.  Wednesday evening was spent with girlfriends at the delicious Chuy’s.  We used to office just down the street from the original Houston location so it was nice to get back to our old stomping grounds.  I’m sure this photo does not look very appetizing, but that drink was delicious!

5.  Who else could make my week like Miss Lucy?  My heart bursts just thinking about this pup!  Don’t you just love the way she tucks her bum in when she’s sleepy?  ❤


High Five for Friday

Another week has passed and it’s time to link up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

1.  Mal and I had a lot of sister time this week.  This photo was taken at the stage production of The Lion King and I don’t think there’s another photo that perfectly encompasses our personality: Mal is a little too cool for school and I’m the dweeby older sister.

2.  Mal, our cousin Becca, and I have a tradition of going to the theater a couple times a year.  We started this a few years ago and it’s one tradition I never want to lose.  We have so much fun getting to sing along to some of our favorite musicals and not exactly care who’s watching!

3.  Wedding invitations were delivered this week!  Things are getting real, y’all.

4.  I’m a sucker for pretty paper and good marketing.  I’m sure I’m the target audience for this Macaron wine and they totally suckered me in.  Isn’t that label adorable?!

5.  Ashley’s friend is pursuing her yoga certification and needs a few bodies to teach a class to before everything is official.  Ashley invited me to join Amy for her very class and it was such a relaxing experience!  Amy’s house was beautiful and she really made me feel like a yogi!  This was the best photo I could sneak without the other ladies thinking I was snapping photos of their bums in the air 😉

And one more for good measure…today’s my birthday!  I took the day off of work and plan to spend it just hanging out.  Mom and I are headed to get a manicure and pedicure soon and nothing else is really on the agenda.  Just the way I like it!

via Dirty Laundry {click on the photo to take you to her Instacanv.as shop!}

High Five for Friday

I’m linking up with Lauren again for her High Five for Friday post.  Better late than never, eh?  I haven’t been home a single evening this week so I gladly welcome this lazy Friday night.  School of Rock on in the background, sleepy Lucy by my side, and Lee’s chuckles are all I need tonight.

1:  Sushi has been on my mind for weeks and Lee finally agreed to go over the weekend.  Who knew the ‘burbs had good sushi?

2:  Lee offered to help with the sparkler packages and we finished them up in an hour!  Can you feel his excitement? 😉  His hard work was rewarded with a little fun with sparklers afterward.  I had not used sparklers since I was a kid and seeing them lit has me excited for the wedding.  I can’t wait to see them all lit!

3:  While Mom and I were at Michael’s to pick up {more} supplies for {more} wedding projects, I convinced her that a Cricut would be the perfect early birthday gift for me.  I was so excited but once I started reading reviews, it appears that crafters like the Silhouette Cameo better.  I’m hoping to exchange mine next week and so excited to start using it!

4:  Tabitha Coffee was in town for a book signing so Mal and I went to see her talk.  She’s adorable in person and so funny!  {horrible picture, I know}

5:  Ashley and I met at Perry’s for a late happy hour to celebrate her birthday and catch up.  A few glasses of prosecco and girl talk was just what I needed!


High Five For Friday

Sometimes it’s nice to come home from work and just do nothing.  With weeks flying by, I did just that {and even took a nap!}.  Lucy and I caught up on Dallas and watched the season premiers of Big Brother 14 and NY Med {similar to Boston Med and I highly recommend both}.  Television time is high on my to do list.  Priorities, people.

Let’s get to it: my top five of the week {and an extra #6 just for fun:)}.

1: While Mom and I were picking up the equipment for our jam session {hahaha}, I came across one of the best smelling candles I’ve tried in a while.  For $4.97, I really couldn’t pass it up and it has turned out to be pretty fantastic!  I’m typically pretty particular about home fragrances but Pink Grapefruit & Lily is perfectly fresh and fruity.  {My favorite candle? Volcano. Hands down.}

2: We’re nearly half way through July, and Target already has their back to school supplies out.  The back to school ‘season’ is my second favorite season only to Christmas {duh} and now that I’m not actually in school, I can thoroughly enjoy the loot!

3: Earlier in the week, I linked up with The Tichenor Family for her Life Planner shindig and received over 400 views in one day.  Whaaaat?!  Compared to the day before where 10 people viewed my blog {Hiiii, 10 people!}, this is a massive jump and tickled me to no end!

4: In preparation for our engagement shoot last weekend {that was sadly cancelled due to the lovely Texas summer storms}, I hopped into the salon for a manicure and pedicure.  To say that this luxury was over due would be an understatement.  Since it was {sort of} a special occasion, I splurged and got Gelish’s Pink Smoothies and I must say, this is the perfect powdery pink.  It’s been a long while since I’ve seen a soft pink that isn’t too bubble gum-y but this one is pretty close to perfect!

5: I don’t remember when or how I found Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere but I know that since that first day, she has been at the top of my must read list every morning.  As soon as her book was available for pre-order, I jumped at the chance and it finally arrived Wednesday {a few days early I think…gotta love Amazon}.  I haven’t read it cover to cover yet, but having just flipped through it, I’m already in love.  Emily’s attention to detail and styling technique {not to mention lovely photographs} always draws me in.

Bonus #6: Belle and I took Isabella on a girls date to see Katy Perry Part of Me and it was kind of awesome.  I think I need both of her albums now…

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High Five for Friday

I’ve been looking forward to this week for well…weeks and as always, it has flown by.  Busy busy busy: a wedding, two birthday parties, movie date, dinner with friends, another dinner with friends, Independence Day, prepping for our engagement shoot, another birthday party.  Squeeze work into that schedule and I’m ready for a vacation.

I don’t feel like I took nearly enough pictures to capture everything that we squeezed in, but this is our week at a glance. {I really should get better at that if I’m going to keep up this blogging gig}

1.  You’re all well aware that I love my EC Life Planner so any free time I had this week, was occupied by getting my new one ready to go.  Of course Lucy Eleanor had to be right in the middle of the action 🙂

2.  An afternoon at the Texas Medical Center for work reminded me how much I enjoy the hustle and bustle of it all.  Top it off with a beautiful afternoon and I was plain ol’ happy.

3.  Last month I forgot to download Ashley Brooke Designs‘ iPad calendar so I made a point to get to it this week.  Aren’t her designs adorable!

4. This year’s 4th of July was low key for me.  I spent the morning at my parents house for a classic {i.e. loud}, family breakfast and planned an impromptu ‘semi-homemade’ dinner.  Can you go wrong with crock pot pulled pork and strawberry shortcake?  I didn’t think so.

5.  How can I be such an avid planner yet procrastinate just as much?  We’ve had our engagement shoot planned for weeks and I had one particular photo that I want to re-create.  Of course, I couldn’t find the perfect confetti so I took on the challenge of making some.  This mess is hard work but with Felicity at my side, I’m positive the results are going to be amazing!  With this lovely lady behind the camera, I don’t have anything other than the 90+ degree weather to worry about.


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