Accessorize Me

If I could have a Super Power today, I would want to be able to quickly take a look at an item and immediately know how to accessorize it {or accessorize with it} and voila! a blogworthy outfit would be made.  I do not have this knack.  Instead, I have a knack for flipping through catalogs and staying within my comfort zone.  My eyes are perpetually drawn to tried and true items that seem to be classic instead of those trendier items {J.Crew bubble necklace, I’m lookin’ at you}.

Since I don’t seem to think outside the box enough, I leave that up to the pros.  Today I came across a Stella & Dot necklace that I have not noticed before.  Victoria at vmac+cheese recently featured the Wesley Pendant on her blog and I knew I needed it.  Since all of my necklaces are the long chain type, this pendant is the perfect next step.  A little bling, if you will.

S&D Wesley Pendant

Lucky for me {and you!} Stella & Dot is running a promotion right now: for every $50 you spend, you receive a $25 credit to spend in January.  Just in time for the new pieces to make their debut!  I just attended a trunk show Sunday so this necklace is at the top of my list to use my credits on in January.  Perfect excuse to shop!


‘Tis the Season to be Fall-y

Last December when we moved into our house, I couldn’t wait to decorate for fall since it’s no secret that fall is my absolute favorite season of the year.  The air is crisp, the weather {slowly} gets cooler, and best of all it’s the beginning of the holiday season!  My weekends between now and November 17th are booked and now weekdays are beginning to fill up so decorating is going to be very minimal this year.  But you can bet next year I’m going all out!

With the internet at my fingertips and catalogs showing up in my mailbox every day, it’s pretty difficult not to think about decorating!  Luckily, Ashley and I are going to take advantage of a great sale this weekend so I thought I’d get all of my inspiration photos together {because Pinterest is just not enough}.

I think this photo is from Pottery Barn’s 2009 campaign but I love this galvanized tiered serving piece.  I found something very similar on Amazon that has officially been added to my wish list. {found here}

I’m not a fan of painted pumpkins, but these look so cute in the fireplace!  Not sure how practical it is, but adorable nonetheless. {I found this image on Pinterest but I couldn’t locate a direct link.  Pet. Peeve.}

The next three photos are from Pottery Barn’s current campaign.  I can safely say that I want one, maybe two, of everything!

I kinda love how popular owls are these days.

Mercury glass pumpkins? Yes, please!

Such pretty ceramic luminaries!

So these are my inspiration photos I’ll be referencing this weekend.  I hope I come back with a couple of similar pieces!

And just like that…

…almost a month has gone by since I last documented my thoughts.  And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but today’s hiatus interruption is nothing to jump for joy over: lip balm.

We all know Target is a money sucking, evil place masked in smart marketing ploys.  Let’s face it, I LOVE IT.  And when Mom  asks, “do you want to go to Target and spend money?” you can’t exactly say no to that.  Wouldn’t you know that one of the few times I’m ready to buy junk, I find nothing.

I marched to the register with my one Essie nail polish and figure “hey, you’ve done good…throw something else on that conveyor belt!”  So I added a pack of gum.  Gum.  I’m getting old if gum is my good behavior gift.

Then I saw it, a pretty little pink bulb of a lip balm.  I’ve seen Eos lip balm around but haven’t heard too much about it so never thought to try it.  So on a whim {and because I just had to buy somethingomg!}, I bought it.

Holy Grail of lip balm?

Like a good little bride-to-be, I went through my nightly routine: wash face, Clarisonic face, remove mascara in order to apply Mary Kay Lash & Brow Building Serum {Ashley is a Mary Kay consultant and gifted this little gem to me}, brushed my teeth, etc, etc and finally got to the last step of moisturizing my lips with my new toy {let’s face it, make up and beauty products are every girls toy}.  

I typically don’t like flavored lip products but this Strawberry Sorbet is pretty darn nice.  The flavor is mild but the balm is oh so moisturizing.  This morning, I still had some on!  That’s a plus in my book!

Because I’m sort of a lot goofy, I whipped this silly stuff out after lunch to show my co-workers.  Yes, the shape gets funny looks and yes, I look ridiculous when I’m applying it but around 3:30p I realized that I still had some on!  I might have found an awesome new lip balm.  It’s just creamy enough that it moisturizes but you don’t even realize it’s there.  Just enough flavor but not so much that you eat at your lips all day {you do it too!}  For about $3, I should have tried this much sooner!

Birthday Wishlist

A true sign of age and maturity?  It’s a week before my birthday and I hadn’t even thought about what to put on my wishlist.  So, in order to maintain my youth {28 sounds old}, I threw this short list together.  How else will Lee know what I want?

Warby Parker Everett | Kris Nations Texas pendant | Coco Mademoiselle print

1: These Warby Parker sunglasses have been floating around the blogosphere lately and I think I need them.  That is all.

2:  I’ve had my eye on this Texas pendant for a while but I cannot remember where I first saw it.  It’s kind of silly but I’m pretty sure I love it.

3:  Coco Mademoiselle has been a favorite perfume of mine since high school {at least 10 years (!!!)} and this print would look perfect in my very bare home office.

NYC print | Keurig | J.Crew bracelet | Houston art

4:  This Rifle print has been on my Pinterest board for ages but the print wasn’t for sale until recently.  New York City will always have a special place in my heart and this print just makes me happy.

5:  It seems that just about every household owns a Keurig coffee maker except mine.  I recently started drinking coffee and this would be perfect before work in the mornings.

6:  I’ve had my eye on this bracelet since Christmas time but I would feel incredibly guilty spending over $100 for a piece of costume jewelry.  Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

7:  I love Houston.  Again, there are some pretty bare walls throughout our house and this would fit in just fine.

Flowerbomb | Dachshund notecards | Frye boots

8:  Once I find something I love, I tend to stick with it and become a tad boring.  Perfume is no exception.  I still love Chanel and Chloe but Flowerbomb smells pretty darn amazing.  This might be my special occasion perfume in the near future 🙂

9:  Why don’t I need these notecards?

10:  The very first blog I read years ago was written by this young, independent woman living in New York.  At the time, she encompassed a lot of what I thought I wanted to be.  And she had Frye boots.  Ever since then, a pair of boots has been a constant on my wishlists and the Jackie Button boots are perfect.

Here’s to my 28th birthday and everything that this year has in store for me!  Champagne for everyone!

July Birchbox

This month, Birchbox teamed up with Glamour to bring us a group of samples that has had everyone in the blogosphere chatting.  Like everyone else, I was so eager to finally get a chance to rip into mine!

fun stuff just in time for my birthday!

What else did I have to do on a gloomy Monday evening? {laundry…dishes…cleaning}  Whatev.  Based on my brief trial of the products, I really enjoy everything in the box.  Laura Geller’s Caribbean Kiss is a perfect shimmery peach that I’ll probably wear for evenings out {since I typically do not wear much color on my lips during the day} and will also take me into fall.  A major plus: it feels amazing!

I’ve never heard of Manna Kadar but I’m always willing to try products that make me a little shimmery.  Everyone knows I love to be able to see my skin through my makeup and it has to have a healthy glow so this seems to be right up my alley.  I rubbed this shimmer lotion on the apples of my cheeks and I must say the color is very similar to my favorite blush by Nars.  I’m excited to mix this lotion with a tinted moisturizer {as the package suggests} and get a better idea at how it feels on my skin.

I don’t think I’ve ever used a face mask but I completely expected to have that tight, dry feeling after using the AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask tonight.  Nothing like that at all!  As Birchbox explains, “jojoba oil keeps skin hydrated and supple” and my skin really does feel the complete opposite of what I thought it would.  I’ve had some skin breakouts lately and I just read that you can use this as a spot treatment at night.  Yet another bonus from Birchbox.

My perfume vial was empty but my Birchbox smelled good!  I am on the hunt for a new perfume but I don’t think I would purchase Mr. de la Renta’s live in love, it’s a tad to florally for me to wear all day.  I haven’t tried the earbuds but they are such a fun color!

As usual, just when I think that I don’t need my Birchbox subscription, they reel me back in!  These hot pink boxes are so fun to open each month!  You should try it out 🙂

Organizing My Life

Meredith at The Tichenor Family has a Erin Condren Life Planner link up today!  I can’t wait to see everyone’s Life Planners!


As far back as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed stationery, pens, office supplies, and anything of the sort.  To this day I still enjoy walking into Office Max just to browse.

Once elementary school started, our teachers had us use steno pads to write down our homework assignments and have a parent sign off.  Eventually, we were provided daily planners that served the same purpose but a few extra bells and whistles.  School days came to an end but my love for school supplies has not.  Every year I hunt for the perfect planner; more often than not, said perfect planner proves to be not so perfect and ends up sitting in a drawer until it’s replaced the following summer with another not so perfect planner.

I know, I know…in the modern age of technology, why would someone want to write stuff down.  Why? To check it off of my list, of course.  I love technology as much as the next gal {gotta buy fancy shish as soon as it comes out}, but I still want a perfect planner.  The unicorn of planners, if you will.

Enter: Erin Condren’s Life Planner.

Early last summer I heard all sorts of buzz from other bloggers via every single social media outlet around.  I figured if it was good enough for all of these awesome ladies, it was good enough for me too!  I ended up using my Life Planner year round and could not wait for the 2012-2013 version to be released.  I ordered my new Life Planner on the first day of sales and it was delivered last Friday.  Much to my surprise, Erin Condren and her team found ways to improve the Life Planner and make it so much more functional than I thought was possible!

With Erin Condren offering 12 or 18 month calendars, I jumped at the chance to get a slightly thinner planner {and ensure that I would have a new planner every summer as soon as a new one is released – right, Ashley? ;)}.  This year, I’ll have to wait a bit longer to start using my planner since I ordered it with my soon-to-be new name.  It’s kind of exciting to see it in print!

gotta love EC’s pretty packaging!

I think Lee enjoyed seeing this name almost as much as I enjoyed seeing my planner