Weekend Recap

I really need to manage my time better since it’s now Tuesday and I’m just now getting around to recapping the weekend.

This weekend was our big Valentine’s Brunch and I think it was a huge success!  We had just under 30 people at the house and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  The downside to hosting?  I don’t get a chance to catch up with all of my friends!  But it is nice to see a few of these faces a few times a year and I’m glad our brunch is one of those occasions :).

Friday was full of prepping for Saturday but I did manage to squeeze in a manicure and quality time with Jessica.  Their new pup is absolutely delicious and I couldn’t get enough of her little kisses!

darlaLunch with Lee followed at a new favorite, Guru in Sugar Land.  The food is always fresh and why wouldn’t I love a place with such a cute atmosphere?  And your drink is served in a mason jar.  Love.

meganThe rest of the evening flew by as we prepped for an early Saturday morning and of course, not a single photo was taken.  So disappointed!  I whipped up some of my favorite brunch recipes, served fruit with Nutella (because you can’t have fruit without it), and had an adorable selection of Jolie Delights cookies.  Ambre creates these delicious cookies right here in Fort Bend County and they are always a hit!  I’m already planning the next party just so I can place another order.

Sunday greeted us with a perfectly gloomy day that was made for cuddling on the couch.  Hosting really takes it’s toll on Lucy; she probably slept for a good 20 hours afterward!

lucyWe finished the evening off with a modified version of Better Than Takeout Chicken Fried Rice and the Grammy’s.  I love award season and this show did not disappoint.  Favorite moment?  Mumford and Sons performances and Album of the Year win.  I could listen to these guys for days.  (runner up to my favorite moment?  JT, duh)


The One Where Megan Runs

When I was in high school, I related nearly every life experience to a Friends episode.  Nine-ish years later, I’m still doing it.

See, due to my lack of self-motivation, I have joined a walk to run training program at Luke’s Locker.  Because I absolutely need accountability, the 9 to 5 program was made for me!  The 9 to 5 is much like the various couch to 5k programs, but this program leaves me with someone to answer to once a week.  And if I don’t train on my own, I’ll be the last one to the finish line come Saturday mornings {no bueno}.

Our first group run experience was last Saturday and I swear I felt like Phoebe Buffay throughout the entire 14 minute run {realistically, 7 minutes is all I could manage}.  Remember that episode?!


Similar to “dance like no one’s watching”, my dad left me a message on Facebook: “run like no one’s watching.”  How do dad’s seem to know exactly what type of motivation you need?  This has become my new mantra since this project is really making me leave my comfort zone in more ways than one: running {because I suck at it}, committing to an exercise routine {because I suck at this too}, and making friends along the way {you guessed it, I suck at this big time}.  I’m learning to let go and not worry about what other people are thinking because guess what…they probably don’t care!

After this experience is done {Turkey Trot 2011!}, I just might have to buy this print and continue to remind myself…

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