something to celebrate

a year ago, i knew that with wedding planning done and the hectic holiday season over, i was going to have some time to fill. lee traveled most of 2012, so i learned to fill my time and keep myself busy; come 2013, i was left looking for something. something slightly creative {i say slightly because i don’t consider myself very creative…more like see-something-on-pinterest-and-recreate-it} but i wasn’t sure what. i thought about getting crafty…maybe open an etsy shop? but wasn’t sure what i would make and if anyone would even care. back to square one.

Courtyard on St. James

Courtyard on St. James

so the first few weeks of the year trickled on. i started a simple scrapbook to print and store instagram photos {spoiler alert, that only lasted through the month of january}, and planned two parties: a baby shower for work and our annual valentine’s brunch. nothing too terribly creative or time consuming. just enough to keep me busy.

sometime in february, i remembered one of my last meetings with lauren, our wedding coordinator. i picked her brain a little about her job, how she got there, did she like it, how busy was she…basically played twenty questions while she was probably thinking “shut it. we have a wedding itinerary to map out and you’re wasting my time.” {hi, lauren! love you!} she mentioned that something to celebrate has a year long internship and at the end of the year, you have the possibility of being hired on. i thought about it for a few days, day dreamed of life in the wedding world, stopped day dreaming because i have zero wedding experience so this whole idea is crazy, talked to lee, talked to dear old mom and dad, and finally emailed lauren. what did i have to lose?

The Houstonian

The Houstonian

lauren forwarded my info to the lead coordinator in houston and after a few email exchanges, i was auditioning for the role of intern. i arrived about 45 minutes early for that first wedding and sat in the parking garage while time slowly passed. i knew i would have a good time, but part of me was also worried because i had no idea what went on behind the scenes. the evening flew by and i knew this was something that i was going to do. and i was going to work hard. and i was going to be good at it.

Amber Springs

Amber Springs

the following weekend was stc’s annual retreat where i had a chance to meet the austin team. what a fantastic weekend! i learned so much about what something to celebrate does and learned the passion you have to have in order to work in this industry. meeting a group of new friends was icing on the cake. think summer camp with girlfriends…add wine, transplant yourself to winter in the texas hill country in an adorable cottage, and throw in some headshots with a fun photographer. hundreds of times better, right?

Gremillion & Co.

Gremillion & Co.

driving home from the cottage, i knew that i would enjoy this new adventure, but would lee? he was still traveling during the week so our only time to see each other was over the weekend. weekend = weddings. could we do this? married not even 3 months and now seeing each other for only a few hours per week? we had many conversations. are you sure you’re okay with this? are we going to be okay? the answer was always yes. i don’t think lee had a single selfish thought. he knew this was something i wanted to do for myself and hopefully our future family. we both knew there were sacrifices to make and this was the first step.

Gremillion & Co.

Gremillion & Co.

over the last year, i have fallen in love with the wedding industry. i’ve learned so much and found that this is something i truly enjoy. giving up a few saturdays has not always been easy {and wedding hangovers are no joke!} but it’s been such a fulfilling experience. my friends and family have been extremely patient through all of this and i’m ready to be social again! my internship is over at the end of february and i can’t wait to continue learning the industry, dreaming of the future, and executing these events that bring two lives together!


be all there

last january, this newly married gal set out to live life and live it fully. lululemon posted a mantra that stuck with me and i kinda ran with it.


i decided to make some sacrifices and go after something i thought i loved and learned that i actually do. i learned that you make time to do the things you want to do. 2013 was a really great year full of celebrations, a few trips, a few parties, and lots of wine. but whatever i did, i wanted to be completely in it. i wanted to enjoy everything. i was there. there.

i haven’t found my mantra for 2014, but i know that i want to do more of what i love. spend more time with those that i love. learn a few things along the way. i want to dig deeper, find the little bit of creativity i have and run with it. i want to spend some time on myself. take care of me a little. read some. have more quiet time. and i want to love what i do.

so, 2014, you have a lot to live up to. we’ll do it together and hopefully, i’ll be saying the same thing about you this time next year.

four more

I’ve done pretty well with the January photo-a-day challenge and I’m really looking forward to February’s {even though I’m just now posting the last four days worth of photos}.


Lee and I took in an early movie and saw Contraband.  Can you really go wrong with a few hours of Mark Wahlberg?  Afterward, we headed to his 5 year old cousin’s birthday party.  This kid has so many toys and he loves to save money so I thought it would be best {for his parents’ sanity} to give him some cash.  Since he’s so young, he doesn’t quite understand that one $20 bill is worth more than five $1’s so Lee was sent on a mission to get some singles.  Needless to say, he received strange looks.  The day flew by and before I knew it the sun was already setting and I was getting ready to miss out on daylight.  I took this picture on our way home.  As everyone says, Instagram makes just about anything look good.

28: light

Sunday rolled around and regardless of getting a late start, we had a productive day catching up on random chores that we’ve been putting off.  My evening was finished off with family time at my parents’ watching the SAG awards.
No judging based on my fridge picture please.  We like to drink: soda, beer, champagne, boxed wine.  We like to eat: out {but I really do try to cook often!}.

29: inside your fridge

The past two days have been a blur.  Work has been NUTS and I’m currently dealing with one issue that has been going on since Friday evening at 5pm {yes, Friday evening at 5pm…no one wants to deal with issues at that time}.  After a crazy Monday, I was so happy that we had dinner plans with the Shuler’s.

The 30th’s “nature” photo is not too nature-y but there sure is a cute picture of Lucy.  I love that girl.

30: nature {and a goose}

And this?  This.  This is what I looked like when I got home this evening.  After a 90 minute commute to work, work issues all day, and a 45 minute drive home, this is me.  Rough.  And goofy.  My makeup is nonexistent because apparently I don’t know how to not touch my face when I stress.

31: you, again

I’m off to the Woodlands tomorrow morning.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t take two hours to get there!

eighty days

Eighty days.  That’s the number of days it has been since I wrote a blog post.  My friends are ashamed of me.  I have good excuses reasons though!

But now, I’m back!  It’s a new year and I’m motivated to jump on the blog-train {along with many other trains…}.  What better way to start up again than with a template, if you will.  I’m linking up with The Tichenor Family and joining the Photo-a-day Challenge {photo-a-day challenge originally from fat mum slim} and I’m going to stick with this.  Promise!  Slap me on the wrist if I don’t 🙂

Photo-a-day Challenge

Yes, I know today is the 16th day of the year but rather than overwhelming myself trying to take pictures of the last 15 day “ideas”, I’ll just start with today.  Without further adeiu, morning:

16, morning

Since Lee and I moved to the ‘burbs {I suppose I forgot to mention that part}, coffee is at the top of my to-do list once I get to work.  I dock my laptop, throw my keys on my desk, and go make myself a creamy cup of Starbucks instant coffee {no judging, please}.

I’ll be back tomorrow with numero 17.  If you’re reading, jump on the photo-train!