Weekend Recap

Hello there!

On Sunday evenings, I’m always so sad to see the weekend fly by so quickly so I thought it best to document them and remember how fun they are {even when they aren’t}.

Lee and I had a date night in Friday evening complete with homemade pizza and wine.  We made the pizza together, took some silly photos, and actually ate at the kitchen table instead of on the couch watching television {horrible habit of ours}.  The pizza turned out less than ideal since I didn’t realize the fresh mozzarella needed to be dried out.  Kinda bummed, but the toppings were delicious!  We enjoyed a bread-free dinner and each other’s company.

friday night

Living in a planned community means there are constantly new houses being built.  Unfortunately for us, this also means debris which could lead to flat tires.  Enter: the Leonhardts.  Saturday morning, we started the day at the Subaru dealership to buy a new tire then headed to the Shulers for James’s famous BBQ.  We had springlike weather and enjoyed much of the day outside whilst Cullen entertained us on his Power Wheels.  I wish I snapped a photo!  Such a cutie!

I snuck out of the house Sunday morning to meet Belle at Target and found the tiniest little shoes.  Little human clothes are adorable.


We spent the day organizing, cleaning, and styling the house in preparation for next Saturday’s brunch.  It’s so funny to see our house become a home in the year that we’ve been here.  It finally looks like people live there instead of random furniture strewn about.

Of course, we had to end the day with the Super Bowl {Beyonce put on a fantastic show, btw!} and a tiny bit of the Puppy Bowl.  Lucy had no idea what was going on, but she did not like it one bit.  We only watched about three minutes of the Puppy Bowl and she barked the entire time.  So funny!

puppy bowl

And since football doesn’t quite hold my attention for an entire three hours, I had a chance to finish up my Instagram/PostalPix scrapbook.  I love how it turned out and can’t wait to start documenting February’s photos.  This project is so easy and on the inexpensive side of things.  It’s fun to think about where these tangible photos will be years from now and who will look at them!  I hope future generations enjoy!



Accessorize Me

If I could have a Super Power today, I would want to be able to quickly take a look at an item and immediately know how to accessorize it {or accessorize with it} and voila! a blogworthy outfit would be made.  I do not have this knack.  Instead, I have a knack for flipping through catalogs and staying within my comfort zone.  My eyes are perpetually drawn to tried and true items that seem to be classic instead of those trendier items {J.Crew bubble necklace, I’m lookin’ at you}.

Since I don’t seem to think outside the box enough, I leave that up to the pros.  Today I came across a Stella & Dot necklace that I have not noticed before.  Victoria at vmac+cheese recently featured the Wesley Pendant on her blog and I knew I needed it.  Since all of my necklaces are the long chain type, this pendant is the perfect next step.  A little bling, if you will.

S&D Wesley Pendant

Lucky for me {and you!} Stella & Dot is running a promotion right now: for every $50 you spend, you receive a $25 credit to spend in January.  Just in time for the new pieces to make their debut!  I just attended a trunk show Sunday so this necklace is at the top of my list to use my credits on in January.  Perfect excuse to shop!

Catch up

Wowza.  Time sure flies when you’re having fun.  It’s been a little over three months since I last updated this here blog but it does not seem that long at all.  Let’s catch up a bit.

September: Lee and I hosted a grilling day for the Leonhardt family.  We realized that we had been in the house for nearly eight months and none of them had seen it!  Such bad hosts we are!  The Leonhardts made the trek to the opposite side of town and we enjoyed Lee’s first go at burgers on his brand new grill.

A week later Belle spent her birthday evening with us and requested ribs.  Lee tried James’ fool-proof method and it proved to be a success yet again!  Now that I think back, we had an entire Shuler night without them even being present!  I ordered cupcakes from Ashley’s Scout Baked Goods; could anything be more perfect for my Disney obsessed sister?  I didn’t think so 😉

Mickey Mouse cupcake!

Mickey Mouse cupcake!

October was FULL of wedding prep.  Wedding prep and plenty of champagne!



November.  NOVEMBER!  I felt as though November took ages to arrive, but the month absolutely flew by.  We started the month out by getting our marriage license and having a photo shoot in the car {nerds}.  The next day we celebrated our dear friends’ wedding and had such a great time enjoying their big day.  It was so fun to go through the entire process together and finally see their wedding day dreams come true.  I think this is one of the best photos Lee and I have ever taken.

wedding month!

wedding month!

And here we are in December.  We have decorated the house {errr…living room} for Christmas and I started shopping for gifts this week {sooo late}.  The packages are slowly starting to roll in and I can’t wait to get some gifts under the tree!  Now if only the temperatures could drop about 15 degrees.


High Five For Friday

I honestly do not know where time goes.  Days are oh so long, but weeks are flying by a little faster than I’d like.  Weeks are so busy and so fast that last weekend I had to break it to Lee that I need to schedule him into my free time.  I told my fiance that I need to add him to my schedule.  And he still wants to marry me!  {I think}

And wouldn’t you know that I have hardly any photos from this week {because I’m so darn busy!}  Okay, now I’m just whining.

1.  Over the weekend Lee became an official suburbanite by purchasing his first real grill.  It’s pretty darn cute to see a guy excited about something so domestic but I had to keep reminding myself he’s excited about FIRE and FOOD and BEER!  Eight and a half months later, we’re officially suburbanites!

2.  Again, #weddingshit is in full force.  Saturday we had a walk through at our venue and I think it was a real wake up call for all of us.  Less than 12 weeks, people!  We need to get on the ball!  So what else does a crafty dad do after spending all morning painting a mural and all afternoon touring a wedding venue?  He gets to work, duh.  I saw one of these signs on Etsy way back when and as I was about to pull the trigger to order it Dad said, “I can make that!”  So he is.  I’ve got some pretty cool parents 🙂

3.  Jessica is hosting my wedding shower and had a brilliant idea of making dachshund cupcake toppers.  Belle and I got to work gluing these together and they have turned out so cute!  I can’t wait to see them at the shower!

4.  I came home from work today and Lucy wanted to just cuddle and and play.  When we’re on the floor playing, she’ll crawl under my upper body, roll over, and wait for kisses.  Such a sweet girl.

5.  An impromptu sushi date with the Shuler family was the perfect way to end a long Tuesday {my absolute least favorite day of the week}.  And of course, neither of us bloggers took a single photo.  Maybe next time 🙂

‘Tis the Season to be Fall-y

Last December when we moved into our house, I couldn’t wait to decorate for fall since it’s no secret that fall is my absolute favorite season of the year.  The air is crisp, the weather {slowly} gets cooler, and best of all it’s the beginning of the holiday season!  My weekends between now and November 17th are booked and now weekdays are beginning to fill up so decorating is going to be very minimal this year.  But you can bet next year I’m going all out!

With the internet at my fingertips and catalogs showing up in my mailbox every day, it’s pretty difficult not to think about decorating!  Luckily, Ashley and I are going to take advantage of a great sale this weekend so I thought I’d get all of my inspiration photos together {because Pinterest is just not enough}.

I think this photo is from Pottery Barn’s 2009 campaign but I love this galvanized tiered serving piece.  I found something very similar on Amazon that has officially been added to my wish list. {found here}

I’m not a fan of painted pumpkins, but these look so cute in the fireplace!  Not sure how practical it is, but adorable nonetheless. {I found this image on Pinterest but I couldn’t locate a direct link.  Pet. Peeve.}

The next three photos are from Pottery Barn’s current campaign.  I can safely say that I want one, maybe two, of everything!

I kinda love how popular owls are these days.

Mercury glass pumpkins? Yes, please!

Such pretty ceramic luminaries!

So these are my inspiration photos I’ll be referencing this weekend.  I hope I come back with a couple of similar pieces!